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Arjuna herb is good as heart tonic

Heart ailments or heart diseases is increasing day by day in the world. Modern medical science has developed a number of medications as well as new methods of heart surgery, but than too heart diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol & rate of heart attack  are growing  & it is an alarming situation for the health of our society.

If we consider Ayurveda- ancient system of natural medicine of India, we will come to know that Ayurveda text books mentioned many remarkable herbs to improve quality of life.Among them one of herb is Arjun which  got cardiotonic properties & effective to promote heart performance.

Botanical Name/Latin Name: Terminalia arjuna
English Name: White murdh, White marudah
Common Name:Arjuna
Sanskrit Name: Nadisarj,Dhaval, Parth, Veervriksh, Kakubh
Hindi Name: Anjani, Kawa, Koha, Arjun

Terminalia arjuna(Arjun) is a large, deciduous evergreen tree, with drooping branches, conical leaves & yellow flowers.The height of this tree reaches up-to 60 to 80 feet. The stem of Arjun has a smooth grey or pinkish green bark & is very thick. The fruits are with 5-7 hard, winged angles, nearly glabrous, ovoid or ovoid-oblong.

Arjuna is abundantly found in Ceylon and India, also in Sri Lanka & Myanmar.

Terminalia arjuna

General information:
Arjun (Terminalia arjuna) powdered tree bark is widely used by the Ayurveda physicians for its cardioprotective properties.It is helpful in treating problems related to  heart like  deposits in arteries, coronary heart diseases, angina hypertension. According to Ayurveda  text books Arjuna is useful in the treatment of gastric ulcers, gonorrhea (sexually transmitted disease) & spermatorrhoea(Involuntary discharge of semen without orgasm) too.
Latest research shows that Arjun is beneficial in treating  coronary artery disease, the pain of angina pectoris and in heart failure.As Arjun improves pumping capacity of heart by strengthening muscles & vascular system, It may also be useful in treating excess of cholesterol in the blood.
It is natural antioxidant, rich in flavonoids (Luteolin, Arjunone, Arjunolone),triterpenoid saponins (Arjun glycosides, Arjunic acid, Arjunolic acid, Arjungenin), natural Co-enzyme Q 10 which altogether provides nutrition to the heart, maintains cholesterol levels & effectively controls blood Pressure.

Properties of Terminalia arjuna as per Ayurveda:
Arjun's Taste( rasa) is astringent or bitter, Active principle(virya) is cooling, Post digestive effect(Vipaka) is Pungent, Tissue(dhatu) is blood, plasma & bone, Channel(Srota)is Circulatory & reproductive, quality (guna) is light & dry.

Benefits as cardiotonic(heart tonic):
* Terminalia arjuna possess prostaglandin E2 enhancing, antithrombotic & hypolipidaemic properties.
* Arjun regulates blood pressure & maintains cholestrol thus effective to promote cardiac performance.
* Terminalia Arjuna(Arjun) helps to revive high density lipoproteins & lowers beta-lipoprotein lipids.
* Arjun provide nutriton to heart muscles & strngthen them in natural way.
* In high blood pressure it helps to regulate disturbed rhythms & regulates the heart beat rate.

Other benefits:
* Arjun is helpful in treating diarrhea & bleeding piles too.
* Powder of Arjun is good for topical application in wounds as it is useful in wound healing.
* Arjun is natural antioxidant and effective as an antiaging tonic too.
* Arjun is useful in urinary tract infections & sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea.
* Arjuna is useful in Spermatorrhea & helps to increases vitality.
* Arjun is used as a general tonic for liver cirrhosis.

Dosage as cardiotonic:
Extract : The ratio must be 10:1, 500 mg. three to four times a day.
Processed in cow milk: As per Ayurveda it is known as Kshir Pak the dosage is 5 to 20 gm twice or thrice a day.
Extracted juice of Arjuna: 10-20 ml two or three times a day with milk, honey or sugar(Only for non diabetic).
Decoction:  Prepare decoction in the concentration of 1:2 (10 gm of bark in 20 ml of water), 20-40 ml twice a day.
Powdered tree bark;
3-6 gm twice or thrice  a day with water or milk.

Herbal & Ayurveda formulations:
Arjunarishta, Arjun Kshirpak, Arjuna Ghretam, Arjun churna, Arjun extract, etc.

Research updates:
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